Alice "AJ" Jane

Alice "AJ" Jane is a sixteen year old female from Nightview Falls. She is the daughter of Winston and Amelia Jane as well as Fantasy Pink of the Power Rangers: Fantasy Knights. She is portrayed by Pauline Serieys.


Nightview Falls' Student Council Class Representative, Alice, or AJ as she prefers to be called, is something of a clique hater. She's friends with most of the people in her grade and she doesn't really acknowledge cliques. A friendly, intelligent girl, she is at the top of her class, with her intelligence rivalling even that of her friend Patrick. The most balanced member of the team, AJ still has trouble believing in herself sometimes due to being ignored by her parents for most of her childhood.


As the Pink Ranger, AJ wields the power of Air magic.


Fantasy Morpher-The main morphing device of the five core Fantasy Rangers. By calling out, "Fantasy Knights, Call to Arms!", AJ can transform into Fantasy Pink.

Fantasy Striker-The main sidearm of the Fantasy Rangers, it is a silver gunblade-esque weapon with two modes-Sword Mode and Gun Mode.

Crane Staff-AJ's signature weapon, a Crane-themed staff. It can combine with the other Rangers' weapons to form the Fantasy Buster.

Crane Zord-AJ's Zord, also referred to as a Familiar. Can combine with the other Zords to form the Fantasy Knight Megazord.


Winston Jane-Husband of Amelia Jane and Father of Alice. Originally from London, Winston moved to America when he was a teenager. He and Amelia were high-school sweethearts, and married right out of college. He is the owner of a company, Jane Enterprises, which specializes in science and medicine.

Amelia Jane-Wife of Winston Jane and Mother of Alice. She and Winston met in high school, and they married shortly after graduating college. She lives a wealthy lifestyle due to her husband owning a large company, and often accompanies him on business trips. Due to this, she isn't home very often.

Dahlia Jane-Older sister of Winston and Alice's Aunt. Due to Winston and Amelia's constant travelling, Alice lives with Dahlia in Nightview Falls and occasionally visits her parents whenever they are free. Due to this, Alice views Dahlia more like a mother than an Aunt.


-She is the Class Representative at her school.

-She is close friends with Patrick Ziktor, the Red Ranger of the team. Unbeknownst to her, he happens to have feelings for her.

-She was created by AdamTheMetroidNerd.

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