Felix Rhodes

Felix Rhodes is a sixteen year old male from Nightview Falls. He is an orphan and lives with a foster family. He is also Fantasy Black of the Power Rangers: Fantasy Knights, and is portrayed by Tom Holland.


An orphan since childhood, Felix lives with an emotionally abusive foster family. Due to this, he has very low self-esteem. To get out of the house and escape the pain, Felix volunteers for numerous school activities and clubs, in most of which he is joined by Tina Bradford, his best friend. He may not be the brightest, and he doesn't have much in the way of physical prowess, but what he lacks in those areas he makes up for in sheer tenacity and will to fight.


As the Black Ranger, Felix wields the power of Earth magic.


Fantasy Morpher-The main morphing device of the five core Fantasy Rangers. By calling out, "Fantasy Knights, Call to Arms!", Felix can transform into Fantasy Black.

Fantasy Striker-The main sidearm of the Fantasy Rangers, it is a silver gunblade-esque weapon with two modes-Sword Mode and Gun Mode.

Minotaur Hammer-Felix's signature weapon, a Minotaur-themed hammer. It can combine with the other Rangers' weapons to form the Fantasy Buster.

Minotaur Zord-Felix's Zord, also referred to as a Familiar. Can combined with the other Zords to form the Fantasy Knight Megazord.


Cecil Riley-Husband of Winona Riley and foster-father of Samantha, Gary, and Felix. Has a major alcohol addiction, which causes him to abuse his wife both physically and emotionally.

Winona Riley-Wife of Winona Riley and foster-mother of Samantha, Gary, and Felix. She is constantly abused both emotionally and physically by her husband, who drinks heavily. Due to this, she takes it out on her foster children, abusing them emotionally in turn.

Samantha-Oldest foster-child of Cecil and Winona Riley and older foster-sister of Gary and Felix. Constantly picks on Felix, berating him for not being very intelligent. Deep down, she really cares for him and Gary.

Gary-Middle foster-child of Cecil and Winona Riley, younger foster-brother of Samantha, and older foster-brother of Felix. Constantly picks on the latter along with his foster-sister, though deep down, he loves them both.


-He is best friends with Tina Bradford. Tina's name is a reference to Terra from Final Fantasy VI, whose official name in the Japanese version of the game is Tina.

-He is a member of the Photography Club, the Yearbook Committee, the main staff for the school newspaper, and he and Tina are co-hosts of the school's podcast.

-He was created by XxHaleyWantsSomePockyxX.

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