The Demon King of Ovalon, Lucifer betrayed his fellow Ovalonians millennia ago by rising up with an army of Demons and Orcs in an attempt to overthrow the royal family and plunge the kingdom into chaos. This caused a war that lasted centuries and claimed many lives, until finally, five brave knights wielding the power of the elements stepped up and challenge Lucifer to one final battle. Using their own lives as a sacrifice, the five sealed him and his army away, ending the war. Ever since then, Lucifer and his army have been trapped in Hades, awaiting the day that the seal placed on them would break. Thanks to humanity's greed, lust, and animosity towards one another, the seal has weakened enough for small portions of Lucifer's army to get through. Now, Lucifer's goal is to gather enough Despair to break the seal permanently, so that his entire army, himself included, can rise up and conquer the Earth. In order to do that, he must rid himself of one, minor annoyance-the Power Rangers.

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