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Power Rangers: Fantasy Knights is a fanfiction by AdamTheMetroidNerd. It started its run on June 15th, 2016. It follows a swords and sorcery/knights motif.


When an army of Demons and Orcs rises up, seeking to revive their king, Lucifer, it's up to five teens with an affinity for magic to band together to save their planet. They are-Power Rangers: Fantasy Knights!


Color Name Actor/Actress
Fantasy Red Patrick Ziktor Marin Lafitte
Fantasy Blue Matthew Hart Kodi Smit-McPhee
Fantasy Black Felix Rhodes Tom Holland
Fantasy White Ryann Stone Madison McLaughlin
Fantasy Pink Alice "AJ" Jane Pauline Serieys
Fantasy Yellow TBA TBA


Noel-Julianne Moore

Gabriel-Dylan O'Brien





1. A Legend Reborn (Airdate: 6/15/16)

2. Our Powers United (Airdate: 6/28/16)

3. Nobody's Fool (Airdate: 7/3/16)

4. Trance (Airdate: TBA)

5. Guy's Night Out (Airdate: TBA)

6. Thrill of the Hunt (Airdate: TBA)

7. Ransom, Part 1 (Airdate: TBA)

8. Ransom, Part 2 (Airdate: TBA)

9. Playthings (Airdate: TBA)

10. TBA

11. TBA

12. TBA

13. TBA

14. TBA

15. TBA

16. TBA

17. TBA

18. TBA

19. TBA

20. TBA

21. TBA

22. TBA

23. TBA

24. TBA

25. TBA

26. TBA

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