Ryann Stone

Ryann Stone is a sixteen year old female from Nightview Falls. She is the youngest child of Riley and Rebecca Stone, and is also Fantasy White of the Power Rangers: Fantasy Knights. She is portrayed by Madison McLaughlin.


Originally from Somerset, Wisconsin, she moved to Nightview Falls, Florida shortly before becoming a Power Ranger. A guarded individual, Ryann is very opinionated and biased against drinking due to the death of her mother, who was killed by a drunk driver. She's nice once you get to know her, but she has a history of pushing people away due to fear of betrayal. A fierce fighter, Ryann is very defiant, and will stick to what she believes in until the day she dies.


As the White Ranger, Ryann wields the power of Ice magic.


Fantasy Morpher-The main morphing device of the five core Fantasy Rangers. By calling out, "Fantasy Knights, Call to Arms!", Ryann can transform into Fantasy White.

Fantasy Striker-The main sidearm of the Fantasy Rangers, it is a silver gunblade-esque weapon with two modes-Sword Mode and Gun Mode.

Bear Claws-Ryann's signature weapons, a pair of Polar Bear-themed daggers. They can combine with the other Rangers' weapons to form the Fantasy Buster.

Polar Bear Zord-Ryann's Zord, also referred to as a Familiar. Can combine with the other Zords to form the Fantasy Knight Megazord.


Riley Stone-Widower of Rebecca Stone and Father of Reece and Ryann. A teacher, Riley was devastated by the loss of his wife, moving to Nightview Falls to escape the memories of her, to no avail. He blames himself for his son's rebellious behavior and his daughter growing somewhat distant.

Rebecca Stone-Wife of Riley Stone and Mother of Reece and Ryann. A nurse, she died in a car crash three days after her 43rd birthday. She was very strong-willed woman who was honest to the point of being blunt, a trait her daughter Ryann seems to have inherited. Her death deeply affected those she left behind, particularly Ryann, who is haunted by her mother's passing.

Reece Stone-Oldest child of Riley and Rebecca Stone and older brother of Ryann. He used to be close with his sister but the death of their mother changed him. Now, he is very rebellious and incredibly distant from both his father and sister, causing them to worry about him.


-She shares her first name with Ryan, the Titanium Ranger of Lightspeed Rescue. Unlike Ryan, she is female and her name is spelled with two Ns as opposed to one.

-She was born and raised in church. Her Grandmother instilled in her a strong belief in Jesus.

-She was created by Mistycharming.

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